Romney to Endorse Same-Sex Corporate Mergers

Recently Gov. Mitt Romney was asked since supports corporate personhood, does he also support same-sex corporate mergers? Ironically there are many same-sex corporate mergers already existing. There’s Proctor and Gamble, Ben and Jerry’s, Phillip-Morris and many others as well. No one objected to a merger between Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which seems to mirror good old-fashioned GOP values but many in the GOP are a little uneasy with a merger between Louis Vuitton and Eddie Bauer or perhaps Mrs.Fields and Betty Crocker merging.

Gov. Romney said, “I’ve always supported the rights of same-sex corporate mergers and in fact I own stock in many of  such ventures such as Smith & Wesson and Hewlett-Packard. After all, corporations are people too and our nation should not interfere with basic economic rights of its citizens. I fully support the right of all citizens to incorporate  their assets and seek a merger with the corporation of their choice. This is a basic tenet of  capitalism. Individuals have the right to form corporations and the right to merge with other corporations to further their economic interests as long as they don’t call it a marriage, which is also an economic merger then I’m fine with the idea. My Mormon Faith has no prohibition in regards to same-sex corporate mergers, so I don’t see it as a moral issue, for me it’s an economic issue.”

We asked the Romney campaign whether he would support same-sex couples incorporating under existing incorporation laws, sharing benefits and classifying their families as shared assets? We have yet to hear back from the Romney campaign but there have been reports that  many of Log Cabin Republican have been filing incorporation papers since this recent statement released.



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