Large Group of “Cannibals” Killed by Orlando Police

Disturbing news today out of Orlando, Florida. The Orlando Police Department has confirmed that a large group of “cannibals” were shot and killed outside a Republican cocktail mixer in Lake Mary.

The large group was first seen on top of multiple patrons of the cocktail mixer, until a security officer fired his gun which made the group scatter. Witnesses at the event described the scene as “bloody” and that the large group tore apart numerous amounts of people. ABC affiliate WFTV interviewed a woman who lost her husband in the attack. Betty Roker of Kissimmee stated, “This group of people, or monsters just swarmed into the event and started to jump on people. There were so many of them. One grabbed me but my husband  jumped in between and began fighting with the guy. I saw my husband die in front of my eyes. The beast started to bite and claw my husband’s head, and began chewing on his scalp. All I have left of him now is his Tea Party Patriot hat. I can’t believe this.

Orlando Police released a statement.

“Today we can confirm that 15 people were brutally attacked and killed. We arrived at the scene when the large group of suspects were running down the street. We gave the group three warnings to stop, then when all attempts were exhausted, we opened fire. The group numbered anywhere between 10 to 18 people. The bodies of the victims are unidentifiable due to the nature of the attack, so we can not speculate on identities but we are using our Republican Voter Database because most likely they were all there. For the suspects killed, we are examining them at the moment and information will be released soon. We can not connect this to the incident that took place in Miami.”

The area in which the incident took place has been cordoned off and an evacuation has taken place for the residents of the area. The Florida National Guard stated this is a safety measure for the police and the FBI involved in the investigation. You can find a map of the cordoned off area on the Florida National Guard website.

Senator Marco Rubio went to Twitter to give his view of the incident. @MRubio stated “This incident sounds like a group of welfare state, Occupy participants got fed up and finally snapped.”


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