BET Network and Andre Showell: Crossing the Line Between Stupidity and More Stupidity. Oh Yeah, and Racism!

Recently, highly respected and world renown news anchor Andre Showell, published a heart warming commentary piece. The piece mentioned, was in response to my highly racist, and super serious article highlighting Republican Congressman Allen West and his views on Black History Month. Apparently “News That’s Almost Reliable” is taken very seriously over at BET studios, and is priority number one. That is when a re-run of “BEEF” isn’t on their airwaves.

Today I respond after my purchase of a race card on Amazon, I’m finally able to pull it. Andre Showell has singled me out because I’m a black man. Most of his content may be pathetic but this article of his was hate. Hate towards a black man who doesn’t agree with another black man. Hate because a black man, like myself, can’t write satire about a black man. Why paint a target on my colleagues and I? Mr. Showell accuses me of having no “concrete evidence” that Allen West feels this way. This has made me rethink my research for satire and humor. In my future work, I will work hard to find “concrete evidence” to further validate “News That’s Almost Reliable.”

I’m hurt, not physically hurt where there’s an open wound. I’m hurting on the inside. The sort of hurt Rush Limbaugh feels when Fox News no longer supports him. That kind of emotional hurt only a person who suffered racism can feel. Why does BET find it appropriate to put such content in public domain? Am I not human?

My joyful days of satire and humor no longer feels the same. As a writer, I’m distraught. As a black man in America, I was singled out by this man. Time for me to shape up and provide you, the Free Wood Post fans, with news that’s always reliable.

Sad face.

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