New Proposed Legislation Seeks To Ban Christian Law

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The city of San Francisco, CA has decided that it will bring to a vote later this week a new proposed legislation. The bill includes a restriction to any reference of the Bible made in the legislative process or arguments as well as any financial dealings, religious obligations, and all other aspects of the Christian life in public affairs. Proponents of the law are advocating for state legislators to come up with their own version of the bill to pass and bring before Gov. Brown to sign as soon as possible.

Gov. Brownback of Kansas just signed a similar law that bans Sharia Law in his state. The law was designed to tell foreigners that United States laws are enforced within Kansas. Opponents of the law have drawn criticism to the new statute claiming “everyone already knows that Kansas is part of the United States, and because it is US soil there was no need to create an extra law stating the obvious.” 

In what seems to be a mockery of the cities and states across the nation seemingly needing to ban Sharia Law despite the First Amendment explicitly saying, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,”  San Francisco is giving the obvious bigotry a taste of their own medicine by seeking to ban Christian Law from any and all legislative influence. It is also quite interesting that the Republicans who seek to stop unnecessary spending seem to waste the most time and an incredible amount of money writing completely unnecessary laws with obvious bigoted intent.


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