Bristol Palin Cast As Log Cabin Republican for Next Season’s Glee

Bristol Palin may make negative comments regarding the show Glee, however, it didn’t stop her from signing a contract to appear in a few episodes next season.  As you may recall, Bristol decided to blame Glee for shaping Obama’s acceptance of gay marriage. The web exploded with backlash, defending the famed show.  Even cast members Lea Michele and Amber Riley took to their Twitter accounts to commend President Obama for supporting gay marriage, emphasizing that “Glee supports Obama.”

Well, in a twist of fate—Bristol apparently reached out to Glee creator, Ryan Murphy asking to be featured on the show.  When asked about the rumors, Bristol took to her blog to explain the situation:

“Ever since I expressed my views on gay marriage—I’ve been victimized by the media and everyone on the web. I mean obviously I’m a single mom, but kids are healthiest when there’s a dad and a mom.  It doesn’t mean that I hate gay people. You know, so, I figured why not reach out to Glee to prove that.  I’ve agreed to play a gay Republican student who despite being gay, believes in traditional marriage. It’s about putting values over personal desires.”

Reps for Ryan Murphy and Glee were tight-lipped when first approached to confirm Palin’s potential role next season.  However, they offered the following:

“We can confirm that Bristol Palin will be featured in next season’s Glee. We cannot confirm the number of episodes. The direction we are going is to have her as a Log Cabin Republican who poses a threat to fellow gay character, Santana.”

So there you have it—mother like daughter.  Blame the media at every chance you get, but jump on every opportunity to be on-screen.

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