BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul Finally Embraces Desegregation

With the last few days of announcements and thoughts by presidential candidates, Dr. Ron Paul today announced his acceptance of a topic he could not accept since being a child. After the gay marriage embracing by President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney finally embracing interracial marriage, Dr. Paul felt the pressure to have a change of heart. In an interview with CNN today, Ron Paul made this statement.

As an old man, I’ve seen the world change. Maybe it hasn’t been for the best, but I’ve seen subtle changes that has kept the government out of our personal lives. So today, after having a talk with my wife, I’ve decided to express my feelings on desegregation. For years, I couldn’t handle the fact that people of color could use the same bathrooms, buses, or schools with my children. People of color want to pursue happiness, and we should let them.

CNN viewers took to Twitter to discuss their outrage with one woman tweeting, “Ron Paul 2012? More like Ron Paul 1945.”

Many Ron Paul supporters defended their candidate, and some even took the internet to make their hatred for mass media be heard. A fan made Ron Paul Facebook group released a quote saying. “The mass media wants to conform Dr. Paul into a sheep. They can’t handle the fact that this man has his own viewpoints and his own way of life. Who are they to make this man embrace something that he doesn’t have to? It’s America, and he has every right to not like desegregation.

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