BREAKING: Mitt Romney Finally Embraces Interracial Marriage

"Romney" "interracial marriage"

Not long after President Obama declared his support of same-sex marriage in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, Mitt Romney held a private interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren to declare his decision to fully embrace interracial marriage.

“This has been a decision that has been a long time coming. My views on interracial relationships have changed over the years. I now see them as two individuals just seeking the same rights and benefits as everyone else. They want the chance to be happy, and it is with my full support that I now whole-heartedly embrace interracial marriage.” 

Confused, Greta Van Susteren asked Romney why it took him so long to embrace something that has been legal for quite some time now. To which he replied, “I wasn’t sure if all of my supporters were on board, and many still are not, but I need to go with my gut on this because equality should be for everyone… well, except for homosexuals.” 

Romney’s evolving viewpoint comes at a critical time in his campaign, and only time will tell if this “bold move” was a wise decision.

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