Both Mitt and Ann Romney Vow To Only Shop At Wal-Mart Through Remainder of Campaign

In an effort to appear as though they can relate to everyday Americans, both Mitt and Ann Romney have vowed to only shop at Wal-Mart for the remainder of Gov. Romney’s campaign toward the White House.

It seems that in a number of recent speeches made, Mitt Romney has appeared as though he does not understand what it is like to be a working-class American and to many he is “out-of-touch”. He has made the assumption that every American’s idea of success is to become obscenely wealthy, own several estates, have bank accounts in varying countries, and build elevators for their cars. What he seems to have overlooked is that happiness is in the eye of the beholder, and that vision is different for everyone.

Ann Romney has promised to no longer wear $900 shirts in public, and to only shop at stores where as she says, “the common folk” shop.

The Romneys are hoping that this adjustment to their lifestyle, albeit it only temporarily, will be enough to woo the American voters to choose them on election day this November.

Political analysts have warned the Romneys that a move like this may come across as ridiculing the very voters they seek to gain, but they are adamant in their approach to gain voter approval and will stick to this method of appeal as part of their overall strategy.

Only time will tell to see if this works out for the happy couple.

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