Romney Campaign Leak: Embrace Rap to Attract Black Voters

If singing  “Who Let the Dogs Out” wasn’t an indicator of how out of touch the Romney campaign is with minority voters–try a strategy of embracing rap. Sources close to the Romney campaign recently leaked that Romney would profess his appreciation for rap music and make references to rappers as a strategy to attract African-American voters.  Apparently the campaign has been creating flash cards of past and present rappers, the states they are from, and the songs that made them famous. In addition, they’ve discussed the possibility of using hologram technology similar to the Tupac/Snoop Dogg show as a means to entertain crowds in urban areas.

When asked to confirm the “rap strategy”, a spokesperson for the Romney campaign replied:

“Mitt Romney loves all music.  The diversity of music in America reflects the diversity of our people. We understand the need to connect with people from all different backgrounds and music connects people.”

So, Mitt Romney loves the trees in Michigan, grits in the South, guns at the NRA and —Tupac in California and Biggie in New York?

As a politico at  The New York Times pointed out back in January–Mitt Romney might be the “whitest white man to run for President in recent memory. ” Perhaps he should start with a hologram of Eminem to warm the crowd.

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