Mitt Romney Collects Unemployment, Wife Says It’s Not Enough

Unemployment isn’t just a middle class epidemic. In a recent financial report released by the government, Mitt Romney has been receiving unemployment benefits since the end of his governorship of Massachusetts. Romney’s campaign staff defended the recent news by saying, “Unemployment benefits are entitled to Americans. Last time we checked, Mr. Romney is unemployed and is an American.”

Ann Romney, Mitt’s wife, took to Twitter yesterday to discuss their life being unemployed. In one of her tweets she said, “It’s not easy. The cars we own and the homes we own, aren’t free. How would we pay for this without help?” In a second tweet released by Mrs. Romney, she stated her dissatisfaction with the benefits. “I know people will make a big deal over this, but we don’t get much from the government. I wish we got more, it’s just not enough.”

As Romney gears up for an election clash with President Barack Obama, this may be the edge he needed to defeat the president.

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