New Poll Reveals Americans Are Tired Of Useless Polls

According to a new poll put out by the National Association of Polling and Polls Interested in Nothing Generally (NAPPING) it appears that many Americans are tired of varying useless polls being asked of them or thrust upon them daily.

The question asked in the poll was, “Do polls tell you anything you didn’t already know?” Results showed that 89% of the people asked do not think polls tell them anything they didn’t already know and 11% find polls useful.

The data being collected from most polls shows that people have opinions, and it would seem that some people agree and some people don’t. Sometimes people even change their minds and a new poll is needed to record the new data.

Marketing polls used to collect customer satisfaction and draw to a product seem to be the most favorable as well as useful to promote future products. However political polls draw the least amount of favorability among all who are asked.

It seems that the media likes to use polls because they can create a story out of mid-air on a slow news day. They can claim that a political race is tight and it is a toss-up between one candidate or another. They can also put together a political opinion poll on new legislations being written and then only ask specific people specific questions to get specific answers that will fit a specific poll for a specific news story that they want to air on a specific night.

All in all it would appear that most people want to save polling for things that matter most. Such as, what tomato sauce to use on a pizza, which TV has the best picture, and which cell phone provider will have service at the beach. Let’s leave the political polls to the election booths and let that be the true determinant of who will win.

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