Romney: “The lottery is for lazy people and minorities”

"Romney" "lottery" "minorities"

Amid the hangover of Mega Millions fever in America, Mitt Romney got in on the action. In a Fox News interview conducted last week with Romney, he had some harsh words for lottery participants. When asked what he thought about the huge turnout of lottery ticket buyers, he had this to say.

The Mega Millions is a real blessing, and I know how having hundreds of millions feel. But I have a sincere problem with the system that allows anyone a chance to become apart of the elite. It’s simple, the people who won did not work for their money. They did not go out on their own and make their money, they simply paid a dollar and got a huge return. This simply is lazy and ridiculous, and should be stopped. Hey, look at the statistics. I worked for my fortune, and they didn’t. The lottery is for lazy people and minorities.

A press release from the Romney camp stated that this statement was off the records and was used out of context.

Calls to Mitt Romney’s press secretary have not been returned.

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