Mitt Romney Says He Told Ann To Stay At Home With The Children, “Because That’s What Women Are Supposed To Do”

Mitt Romney is receiving criticism from women’s rights groups across the country, after comments he made today about his wife Ann Romney, and her career as a “stay at home mom.”

While speaking at a rally today, Mitt was asked if he felt that the left-wing has a problem with stay at home moms. Going off-topic, he gave the following response:

“Of course the left-wing has a problem with stay at home moms. They’re trying to break up the basic family dynamic, where a man goes out to work and the wife takes care of the kids. Women have a very important role to play, and that role is raising our children. When Ann and I met in college I made it clear to her what I expected from her. I told her from day one that if she wanted to be with me, and live off my family’s fortune, that she would have to be willing to forfeit a career in order to stay home and take care of our children, because that’s what women are supposed to do. Cooking, cleaning, raising the kids; those have always, traditionally, been a woman’s job, and the left-wing is trying to change how we do things. I’m running for President to restore women to their traditional roles”

This is the second gaffe for the Romney’s recently. Ann Romney is still receiving criticism for saying that women shouldn’t want to be paid the same amount as men.

A recent poll of women showed that President Obama’s lead amongst female voters has increased to 40%, with 29% of women saying they could support Romney and 71% saying they support the President.

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