Mitt Romney: Of Course I Cater To Bible Thumpers And Gun Owners, How Else Will I Win?

"Romney" "NRA" "Bible Thumpers" "Gun Owners"

Mitt Romney met with the press after his appearance at the NRA national convention in St. Louis on Friday. He had just finished speaking to the eager crowd about how he would be the better choice for president because President Obama would lead an “unrestrained” attack on their guns. Which he seemingly pulled out of thin air, because President Obama has done nothing to take away gun ownership rights. In fact, Obama has granted more.

This imaginary belief that President Obama wants to take away gun ownership rights does not come without deliberate calculation. Romney admitted to the press that he deliberately panders to people who own guns, and are unabashed religious zealots. During the press conference he stated, “There is no question regarding what I need to do to win this election. I need to make sure that people come out and vote. Of course I cater to Bible thumpers and gun owners, how else will I win? They are the ones angry enough to come to the polls and will believe whatever I dish out to them regarding infringements upon their religious and gun ownership rights. It might not all be true, but in order to win and reform this country for the better, one must do what they have to do.” 

When asked if he cared that he was being dishonest in misleading his base of support for his own personal gain he replied, “No, if they want the facts, they can do the research. Otherwise, it’s fair game. I can say what I want, and no one will be the wiser. This is how Republicans have won for decades. I mean really, people actually bought into the disaster economic policy of Reaganomics because the man said he believed in God. Those people obviously cared more about religion than in personal gain. Reaganomics is a rich mans game, that’s all. When you play to religion and guns you win… it’s that simple.” 

A bewildered group of reporters stood with mouths agape after the former governor from Massachusetts made his statements. However, he was correct, and who could stop him? It seemed to be a real wake-up call for education reform to make sure voters are properly educated and informed.

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