George Zimmerman Released From Jail After Claiming He Had A Headache

The Sanford Police Department is being criticized again, this time for letting George Zimmerman, who is being charged with Second Degree Murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, leave the prison after complaining of minor head pain.

In a statement released by the Sanford Police Department, they stated;

“We’re still looking into this incident, and if it turns out that Zimmerman did not actually have a headache we’ll make sure to take him back into custody at some point.”

After being released, Zimmerman immediately updated his website, to solicit donations for aspirin. According to Zimmerman’s website;

“I have a really, really bad headache right now. I’m not sure what it’s from, but it’s hard to live dealing with this annoying pain. I’m requesting donations for aspirin, as well as donations so that I can go to the doctor and try to get a prescription for something stronger, like Vicodin or Percoset.”

Free Wood Post has obtained an EXCLUSIVE comment from the guard who signed off on Zimmerman’s release;

“This whole thing is pretty appalling, and I feel absolutely terrible about this. I’ve never felt this terrible about something I’ve done. I couldn’t even get the poor guy an aspirin, and you could tell that his headache was making him moderately uncomfortable. The poor guy can’t even afford an aspirin.”

We asked him if he felt he made a mistake, by releasing Zimmerman, and he stated “you have no idea how hard it is living with a headache. It makes you feel like your life is over.”

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