Mega Millions Winner Killed on the Way to Claim Prize

Baltimore County, MD  – Lawrence Talby had realized that one of the tickets he had purchased for the Mega Millions drawing was a winner when he checked the lottery website Friday night.  Eager to claim his share of the $640 million prize, he left his home early Monday morning and headed towards the Maryland State Lottery offices.  Unfortunately Mr. Talby never made it to the lottery commission office.  Less than 5 miles away from his home Mr. Talby was killed in what witnesses describe as a ‘horrific’ car accident.  The incident report explains that Mr. Talby was driving northbound on State Highway 99 when he collided with an unknown object.  The report does not speculate about the object, but a witness to the accident described what she had seen, “I was a mile down the road from his car, this small glowing ball goes right over my head, straight down the road about 100 feet in the air going incredibly fast.  Just after it passed me I saw it collide with the car.”  Other witnesses told very similar stories with general agreement that the object was an asteroid.  Jacob Travers, an off duty paramedic who also witnessed the accident, detailed his reaction,

“As a paramedic my instinct is to get in there and try to help, but as soon as I got a good view it was obvious that no one was going to survive.  I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I know asteroids crash into the earth, but the odds of being hit and killed by one must be astronomically small.  Then I heard someone in the crowd said that he was the Mega Millions winner and I was just floored.  They said the odds of winning were 175 million to 1.  I remember an article from before the drawing that said the chances of being killed by an asteroid were 1 in 700,000.  For both things to happen to the same person, my god, what must be the odds of that?”

Maryland State Lottery officials had not comment as to whether Mr. Talby’s estate would be able to claim his prize.

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