Elderly Conservatives To Give Up Medicare

In solidarity with the conservative credo to be independent from any form government health care, aging and elderly conservatives are being asked by Republican and Tea Party leaders to give up their Medicare benefits. Many in conservative America embrace the idea of complete individual freedom, and have confidence that when right-wing aging Americans show how much they believe in the “live free or die” mentality it will bring a new understanding to what it means to be a proud American.

Here is the statement released by the Republican National Committee:

“Health care is not a human right but rather a privilege for those who can afford it. If aging and elderly Americans want to have health care they should pay for it out-of-pocket. If they cannot afford health care coverage or payments for any medical condition they only have themselves to blame for not planning in advance. We cannot be a nation of freeloaders and misfits. This is why in an effort to show Americans what they truly should be doing in regards to health care, we are asking all aging and elderly Americans to give up their Medicare benefits and pay for all health care related expenses on their own. This will show the rest of the world that we can and will indeed survive on free market capitalism alone. Those that perish will not have died in vain, but rather be considered martyrs for the greater cause of complete and utter independence from the strong-arm of government control over the lives of American citizens.”

The RNC is hoping that elderly registered Republicans will comply with this new request and give up their Medicare as soon as possible, especially as the health care debate seems to be heating up once again. Top Republican leaders are hopeful that this will send a strong message to not only Americans, but to the rest of the world that health care should only be for those who can afford it.

Republicans often will tout that they do not believe in evolution, but in this seemingly bold move of a “survival of the fittest” approach to medicine we can only assume that they do after all believe in the teachings of Charles Darwin.

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