Joe Arpaio Demands To See Birth Certificate of Obama’s Hypothetical Son

Opening up a new chapter in the birther saga,  conservative Maricopa County Sheriff and diehard birther, Joe Arpaio, recently called for President Obama to release the long form birth certificate of his hypothetical son.

Following the Trayvon Martin tragedy and the racial overtones involved , President Obama said that if he had a son, his son would probably have looked like Trayvon Martin. Subsequently, Arpaio is demanding to see the birth certificate of the president’s hypothetical son.

I think it’s questionable that the president is suddenly mentioning this so-called son of his years after being elected. Maybe it’s a Kenyan Socialist tradition to hide your son from the public eye, but I demand that the president present the long form birth certificate of his unborn son,” said Arpaio

Arpaio has fought many fruitless campaigns in the past and seems to be the best at them, so there is no telling where this new-found one will go.

White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, has yet to comment on Arpaio’s demand but claims the white house takes hypothetical birther cases just as facetiously as real ones.


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