Romney: The Middle Class Shouldn’t Exist

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in the news today following a comment he made at a press conference in New Hampshire. Reporters from various media outlets were on the topic of class warfare when Romney got upset and responded with what he feels is the problem with America.

“Listen, would you like to know what frustrates me? What frustrates me is this notion that having money is bad. I earned every dollar I’ve made, and the same goes for my peers. The rich in America are not the problem. The problem in America is the middle class and their inability to identify what they really are. You see, rich people in America know that they’re rich, and they know they are responsible for creating jobs. Without the rich, America would be nothing. The poverty class in America understands their identity as the poor citizens of this country. They know they do not contribute to this country, and they understand their place. Now you have this wild group of middle class Americans who are confused on their role here. What do they do? They’re one step away from being poor and ten steps away from being rich. Who holds the highest percentage of obesity, homosexuality, crime, diseases, and unemployment? That’s right, the middle class! The middle class shouldn’t exist. This country would be a great nation again if people would get off their behinds and identify themselves.”

A reporter from CNN, who was outraged, walked out prior to Romney finishing his press conference. Justine Toya, a security guard that worked event was outraged and upset with Romney’s comments and said. “I can’t believe how out of touch with society this man is. I’m really upset because he seemed like a nice guy. I guess money will do that to you.”

Phone calls to Romney’s campaign staff has not been returned.

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