Fox News Classified Satire By FCC

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There has been an ongoing dispute about the legitimacy of the content put out by Fox News. Between the amount of complaints and discredited stories by varying myth-busting sources, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has now reclassified Fox News from a valid news source to that of satire.

The FCC cannot classify Fox News as purely entertainment-based fiction because their stories contain the names, places and actions of legitimacy. This decision to classify Fox News as satire did not come easily, because many see the news network as well-founded and they should have the freedom of speech to report as they so choose.

A statement put out by the FCC says, “The decision to classify Fox News as satire has come after several years of evaluation regarding the sources of their reporting and the bias of their programming. While much of their content is based on legitimate news, it is spun is a way that cannot not be deemed newsworthy to the viewing public. If Fox News so chooses to report actual news stories of legitimacy without skewing the content we may overturn our decision and reclassify the network to a valid news source once again.”

It seems the FCC is leaving the decision to be an actual news source up to the programming directors and others in charge at News Corp. Both Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes have not been able to be reached for comment.

As far as programming, it will be business as usual, but there will now be a running disclaimer along the bottom of the viewing screen that states, “This is not a valid news source.”


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