Georgia Employers Granted Prima Nocta with Female Employees

ATLANTA — Prima nocta, the ancient right of nobles to have sexual intercourse with new brides instead of their husbands on their wedding nights, will soon enjoy a revival in Georgia.  Lawmakers in Atlanta passed sweeping legislation on Friday giving employers the green light to declare the right of prima nocta with their female employees on “moral or religious grounds.”

Governor Nathan Deal has vowed to sign the bill, which also requires women to submit to “vaginal probes by employers” in order to obtain access to group medical plans, and the new legislation could become law and go into effect as early as next week.

While eight of nine female senators (all of the Democrats) stormed out of the statehouse in protest of the GOP’s “War on Women,” the mood among most lawmakers was jubilant.

“This is about freedom,” State Representative Sam Mack (R – Lawrenceville), a coauthor of the bill, stated. “If employers feel the moral or religious need to have such a rule, then it should be their right to make such a rule. Nobody’s making these ladies work there; they can find someplace else to work if they don’t like it.”

The bill’s other coauthor, Brent Hatersly (R – Merle), said that the changes in employment law are “a big victory for personal liberty and the fight against big government interfering in private lives and private businesses.”

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, who has lobbied for similar legislation in the past, was in Atlanta on Friday to witness the historic vote. “This one for the ladies,” Cain said when met by reporters outside of the statehouse. “This one’s for all the ones who want a job.”



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