Girl Scout Den Mother, Candy Starr Met with Congressional Commitee in a Private Closed Door Session

Girl Scout Den Mother and exotic dancer Candy Starr met with Congressional leaders in a closed-door session of Congress. The all male panel met with Ms. Starr to hear her arguments and see her evidence in regards to recent attacks by GOP lawmakers in regards to the Girl Scouts organization. Ms. Candy Starr addressed the Congressmen in her Girl Scout Den Mother uniform. She explained to them that her troop was the largest selling cookie troop in the U.S. and that selling cookies taught girls business skills as well as the virtues of the capitalist system. Ms. Starr apparently showed the Congressmen her selling skills as well as how she earned her merit badges. Ms. Karr demonstrated her first aid skills as well as a calisthenics routine to show that good health and exercise are part of the Girl Scout credo.  Rep. Darrell Issa (R) of California was very impressed by her merit badges and by her presentation.

Recently the Girls Scouts have been maligned by Republicans as an anti-family, pro-abortion, radical wing of Planned Parenthood. Indian State Rep. Bob Morris called the group,” a “radicalized organization” that backs abortion and promotes the “homosexual lifestyle.” Of the 50 role models that Girl Scouts study, Morris argued that “only three have a briefly mentioned religious background; all the rest are feminists, lesbians or communists.

Despite political differences both sides of the aisle agreed that Ms. Starr’s presentation was both interesting and very enlightening. Only one Congressman was not impressed and rather perturbed by his colleagues admiration for Ms. Starr’s presentation and that was Rep. Eric Cantor (R) of Virginia who called her a Jezebel and a pro-abortion socialist sympathizer. Ms Candy Starr’s reply to Rep. Cantor’s comment was, “no cookies for you, you naughty naughty boy.” Despite Rep. Cantor’s comments, Ms.Starr was able to get $5,ooo in cookie donation pledges and an invitation to bring back her Brownie Den Mother Colleague Jasmine Love for a follow-up hearing on the matter.

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