Impoverished GOP Congressman Can Barely Afford To Feed His Family, Files For Bankruptcy

In an unfortunate turn of events, Tea Party Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) had to file for bankruptcy after being told he might have to pay more in taxes. It seems that after all of his bills are paid he is only left with $400K–barely enough to survive. When asked about his current financial situation he replied, “I don’t know what Obama wants from me… my first-born?! I just can’t afford my everyday expenses anymore. I’m embarrassed to have to file for bankruptcy, but I had no other choice… I mean really, who can live off of $400K anyway? Certainly not me and my family.”

The congressman and business owner earned $6.3 million last year, and was disappointed to have to pay all of his employees a decent salary. He would have rather put that money towards something that made more sense to him… himself. He also struggled with the burden of paying for the rent and supplies of his businesses, which also seemed to put a strain on the congressman’s finances. “Why do Democrats hate people with money? It’s purely class warfare. We can’t help it that we hold all the ammo in this battle. We just wanted it more than others. If people want to be wealthy they should go and get it. It seems that they want us job creators living on the street,” Fleming said in an interview. Fleming went on stating, “If we encumber the wealthy with having to pay more back into the system, we won’t be able to privatize all the programs and entitlements that will help earn our wealth for years to come… heck we probably won’t even need to privatize the programs if they get the proper funding through revenue increases.”

Realizing what he had just said, he quickly left the interview and returned to his office. It is not yet known whether or not Rep. Fleming’s bankruptcy forms have been accepted.

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