Sarah Palin Trademarking ‘Gotcha’

A spokesperson for Sarah Palin recently leaked that she has expressed an interest in  trademarking the term “gotcha.”  The former Alaska Governor has already trademarked her name in order to be protected under the licensing and copyright law.

According to Wikipedia, “gotcha”  usually refers to an unexpected capture or discovery. “Gotcha”  is also a common colloquialism meaning to understand or comprehend.

Since her candidacy for Vice President of the United States, Ms. Palin has consistently referred to tough questions as “gotcha” questions.  A former Palin staffer, Joe Jacobs, stated, ” The “gotcha” term became the perfect crutch for avoiding tough questions. When she didn’t have answer, it was the interviewer’s fault. It got to the point that we would catch her rehearsing how to say “gotcha” in front of the mirror.  It became a game. The tone of her voice, the antics–everything.”  One may ask why Ms. Palin finds the need to trademark this term and how she could legally do so. When asked why the former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential nominee was seeking to trademark the term “gotcha,” her staff declined to comment.

Afterall, is “gotcha” synonymous with Sarah Palin? In a recent GOP debate, Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich referred to a moderator’s question as a “gotcha” question. School children in the park playing tag exclaim, “gotcha!” When you smash a spider crawling in your living room, you may scream, “gotcha!”  Perhaps it’s in the tone? Then again, as we all scratch our heads and scramble to figure out Ms. Palin’s next move–she just might be standing on the sidelines thinking, “GOTCHA!”

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