Eating Healthy and Exercising: An Obvious Socialist Threat To America

It seems that the First Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama is plotting a socialist takeover of the American way of life, especially the lives of children. Her program “Let’s Move!” claims to want to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity. She is suggesting to children all over America that they should exercise and have a healthier diet.

This latest attempt at controlling the lives of children with healthy food choices, daily physical activity, and parental involvement just shows that the First Lady doesn’t care about our nation. She only cares about our physical appearance as a people. This socialist scheme is just a vain attempt to regulate what our bodies look like. There are already too many regulations as it is. We are forced to have regulations to have clean water, clean air, safe food and drugs, and now this… weight control.

How dare she say that she loves this country. If she truly loved this country she would suggest to Americans that they eat whatever they want to eat no matter what the fat, sugar, cholesterol, or caloric intake is. As far as exercising, why should our kids be healthy, that’s what health insurance is for… when we can afford it. Our children should have the ability to be obese, out of shape, and smokers if that’s what they so choose to do.

Michelle Obama needs to mind her own business, and leave her suggestions in the box outside my imaginary office. Why should we have to be healthy? It may lower health costs, boost confidence, boost energy, and help our children concentrate better in school, but that is not for her or the American medical community to decide.

How dare she make such an outlandish suggestion like eating better and exercising. Enough is enough.

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